Easiest way to generate $7000 - $15000/Month.
Easiest way to generate $7000 - $15000/Month.
PERFECT MONEY ------------------ We Now accept Perfect Money as a payment processor for deposits/withdrawals. Thank you.

How much does it cost to join Ecashplanet.com?

The cost to join is a onetime $220.

Can I have more than one position?

Yes, you can have as many positions as you like depending on your effort to work on these       account.

How many boards does Ecashplanet.com have?

Check our Payplan page.

What payment types do you accept?

We currently accept Perfect Money, Ecash and E-Pin. You can fund ECASH account through             Perfect Money. Other payment methods will be added soon.

What do I get for the $220 I spent to join Ecashplanet.com?

Access to Ecashplanet.com Hotel portal worldwide
    * Access to an array of online information and educational resources
    * Earn unlimited cash reward
    * PLUS automatic re-entry to earn cash reward again and again.

How many people do I need to sponsor?

We advice you to sponsor at least two

What is the advantage of sponsoring more than two people?

Sponsoring more than two people earn you more money and ensure faster cycles in the board.

What happens when I cycle?

You will receive $100 in stage 1, $300 in stage 2 and $7,000 in stage 3, PLUS you will receive a       FREE re-entry back into BOARD.

Will my referrals follow me to the board?

Yes! all your referrals follow you.

How do I receive and withdraw my rewards?

All rewards are paid directly to your online account called eCASH where funds can be withdrawn      to your Perfect Money account.

Can I request a refund?

There are absolutely no refunds as you have received the products you have paid for.